Thursday, October 4, 2012


periwinkle pants-Forever21
mint pullover-Target
bird necklace-modcloth
gray oxfords- Urban outfitters

  Happy almost Friday! I woke up thinking it was Friday. It was like waking up 5 min before your alarm goes off. so yeah, maybe I'm grumpy today, maybe not :P..... coffeeee where are thou!?

    So my hair is getting so long! but what do you do when you have a wedding coming up? not cut it for months, I guess.  My brush keeps hiding from me in the mornings, (or more like I keep misplacing it and it falls in the unknown corners of my room, I truly believe there's a black hole in my room)  but seriously brushing this length is quite a work out ><

I love these pants, they are high waist, a rare color and fun to combine with mint, or even navy. :) what else can I ask for? :)

Have a lovely Thursday, not Friday yet! :P


  1. I love the simplicity and chicness of this outfit!!!

  2. Love the periwinkle and mint combo! It's very refreshing! xoxo

  3. Mint is such an underrated colour. Very pretty :)
    I love your hair, I'm trying to grow mine back to its former length so am quite envious :P

    le fresne x

  4. Original and lovely color mix. It fit you amazing