Monday, October 29, 2012

finally feels like fall in Florida

floral gray tights- UO
black pencil skirt- UO
denim blouse and boots- forever21
cream pullover- HM
gray and brown bag-BC surf and sport-Volcom
necklace-premier designs

Alliteration in that title much? lol 

On Saturday Chris and I went on a wonderful dinner and movie date, thanks to a gift-card from some of our dear friends that gave it to us as a wedding gift, so sweet of them. 

The weather was beautiful and Chris wore my grandpa's scarf. I gave it to him 2 years ago and he takes care of it so much. I Love that he surprised me with it on our date, it was a nice touch.

We went to see Cloud Atlas, it was a really good movie, kind of confusing but really good. I'm 100% sure this movie will win best make up, hands down. so make sure that movie is in your list of movies to see this year.

have a lovely Monday <3.

Chris's and I instagram outfit post


  1. Muy guapa!
    Las medias son muy chulas, y el look en general muy acertado, me gusta mucho también el bolso.

    Te invito a conocer mi blog.


    1. muchas gracias! :)

      sigo tu blog ahora :D