Friday, September 21, 2012

What a tomboy

khaki pants-2020ave
striped loafers-urban outfitters
mustard belt-target
white pocket tee- nordstrom 
elephant necklace-etsy

  See those ominous clouds in the sky? yes we are talking about rain again. seriously is there any post I can write about  sunshine, butterflies and rainbows? well, i guess rainbows come after the rain, so maybe not rainbows :P
  Because of the gray sky, the pictures where once again not coming out that great, but duh Lizette, your camera has options for this kind of weather, and yes, the option is called "cloudy" and it worked perfectly because these pictures needed little editing, and that's always a plus! :D

  Since i mentioned butterflies now lets move on into another species, elephants. I love this necklace and was having a hard time trying to wear it with something that would look good. Well, this pants definitely made the cut! it was like peanut butter and jelly, but not edible :P
Elephants remind me of my friend Lauren, she loves loves elephants! and Lauren if you are reading this I found something on etsy (elephant related) that you would love :D cause I certainly love it :)

  Lauren and I had been talking about skateboards and skating the night before, since i recently found out she skates, so I totally blame her that i wanted to go back in my 10th grade years when I used to be more confident on the board than now (no crazy tricks or anything, I was never a fan of those, just cruising on the board) and I feel this whole talk about skateboards put me back in my tomboyish element >< lol, but the outfit came out good, i think :)

   So some exciting news, on Thursday we started our married couple or soon to be married (like Chris and I) bible study, we are super excited! So please if you could be praying for us and the beginning of the church plant "the Anchor Church" and all its bible groups that have started 3 weeks ago, including ours. 
It's exciting to be part of a strong body of believers that is willing to go out and reach out the community and share the hope of Jesus that we all have and know truly in our hearts.

Have a happy Friday!! and have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Those flats are too cute!

    xo Jennifer

  2. This is one of the few "boyish" styles I've seen that I've actually liked! So cute!

    xo Rachel

  3. love this slippers and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. thank you!!! your blog is also lovely! following you now! :D <3

  4. thanks for passing by my blog!!
    love ur shoes!
    i have some similar ones but are small :(
    wanna follow each other??

    1. aw man! that's one side of buying shoes online and dealing with returns and such! try maybe buying some gel support that would bump up your foot arch and maybe your foot will fit in your shoe? sometimes that works! good luck! and following you now! <3 :D

  5. Lovely outfit, I really like the whole casualness to it, especially those comfy looking khaki's! I used to skate too! Wahoo for girl skate boarders haha ;)


    1. haha! thanks!!! i love your blog! always have! thank you so much for stopping by! <3

  6. Cute outfit - love how its so simple, and the necklace gets to do all the talking :D Completely adoring your blog <3


  7. love the boyish look on you! you pulled off the khaki pants perfectly, wish I could do the same haha :)