Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the vintage floral dress

navy striped shirt-H&M
glasses-Von zipper
navy shoes-Sanuk

floral dress-etsy

This dress was never a favorite of mine, i got it from Etsy about a year ago.  I've noticed things online tend to look different once they arrive to your house (story of an online shopper). 
I was about to put this dress in the giveaway bag a while back when i tried it on and thought maybe i should give it a try.. well, i gave it its chance and i kind of like it, not sure if i will be wearing it again anytime soon but i think is somewhat a cute vintage dress.

So a couple weeks ago Chris and i stumbled upon this park a friend told us about, ever since I've been wanting to take pictures there.
I love love the wooden walls, i asked Chris if we could go there sometime; the perfect day was on sunday.

Right after church we went to lunch with some friends and then headed out to this beautiful park. 
I truly don't understand how this park is empty, i would picture people sitting under a tree or on a bench to read; this park is small but really cozy and pretty.
Chris and i will probably be coming here a lot to read and hang some afternoons and maybe more pictures :).

Before going to the park i told Chris i wanted to take pictures of him, he was like "uh what do you want me to do?" haha, he is so cute and he looked so handsome with his new haircut, i had to take a few pictures, well the only couple pictures he would let me take of him, lol.



  1. Hi there! I just found your blog I'd like to say it's very cute and you have a lovely style! :) x

    1. thank you so much!!!!! <3 just checked your blog! following you now!! :D