Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oopsie Daisy

necklace-years ago so i dont remember

Hello blog world, I haven't seen you in a week! With all the wedding invitations I've been working on I truly didn't go out anywhere this past week, hence the minimal posts. So if you were wondering what I've been wearing all week, it's been tights, pullovers, and hair in a bun to work on wedding invites/ Which, btw, big hurray for getting them done :D it's definitely one thing off my to do list to worry about.

Yesterday I finally went out to Starbucks with my sweet fiancee to grab some pumpkin spice latte and salted caramel mocha. Yay for fall! Also he got me to watch Newsroom, a show he has been talking about for forever, trying to convince me to watch; I finally gave it a try and I actually kind of like it.

So this is what I wore, and it felt good to finally get out of my tights and pullovers, and what better than to wear a super cute daisy necklace I forgot I had.
It's really hard for me to dress down. If I could wear a cute dress or a well put together outfit and be home all day I would probably do it. I just cant stand being in laid back clothing. Is that bad? Who knows, I don't think it's bad to want to be cute all the time :P my fiancee says he would love it if I wore pj's all day, but I really dread wearing pj's during the day or in public, unless I'm sick, so no worries, you would not be seeing any PJ outfits posts from me ever :P

Have a happy Sunday!

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