Friday, January 22, 2016

Sheer and sequins

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blouse + cami: Free People | high waist jeans: Dstld | boots: Seychelles 

I loved this top and its sequin detail when I saw it on the Free People December catalog, but once I noticed it was sheer I figured it would be hard finding a top to wear under. I disregarded it, until I went to my local FP store and tried it on with this mustard cami. 
You just never know how well something looks, feels and fits until you try it on [Being an online shopper has a few disadvantages].
This top twirls, moves beautifully and dresses up your favorite jeans. Yes! If you haven't noticed, my black jeans are my favorite. 

It's been nice and cold around here but not complaining a bit, I've been loving it and taking advantage of it because it's Florida, and it tends to go into its sudden bizarre changes. 

Today is in the 70's, with rain and we may even get tornado watches?!! Going into panic-attack-mode. I don't like that kind of weather.
The older I get, the more scared of everything I become... I can't even watch a scary movie anymore.

Is this part of getting old?

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