Friday, January 15, 2016

Just a little bit of sunshine

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high waist jeans: DSTLD | boots: Seychelles | top: Urban Outfitters

It sure has been cloudy around here, and I think I miss the sun. Well, do I? I just never thought I would say that.

Cloudy weather was part of growing up in Lima, Peru. We would barely see the sun unless it was summer. It was rare seeing the rays knocking at your window sill during the winter months.
Hence cloudy skies have always been a favorite. I'm all about cool tones, something about its calming, moody vibes are refreshing to me.

Although now I don't mind it as much, I was never a fan of warm tones. Give me color pencils and I would paint you a winter morning or evening sky (purples + blues + violets + grays) If you told me to paint a sunset full of oranges, yellows, reds, I would cringe at the thought.

When I moved to the sunshine state I liked the sun until I didn't. And a lot had to do with the heat lasting beyond summer.
Finally we are getting nice cool temperatures here, but I wish rain wasn't accompanying it 70 percent of the time. So just a little bit of sunshine wouldn't hurt.

P.S. This boots have me on cloud 9. High shaft + dark gray + pointy toe. My favorite.

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