Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This Bag.


|| Bag: gift || jeans: Dstld || boots + sweater +top: Anthropologie ||

Happy belated valentine's!! Hope yours was as wonderful. 
My husband and I had a lovely night out to one of our favorite spots for valentines, Lincoln Rd in Miami. 
I love going out for Valentines, It's without fail one of the coldest nights in South Florida. Walking down Lincoln rd in such night it's my perfect kind of date.
I know, so brave to go out on Valentines, possibly the most crowded day. But the fact that we didn't have a reservation to a restaurant and we only waited 5 minutes for a table? -Yes, true story. 

Before dinner, Chris took me to a store I have been patiently wanting to step into, FreePeople. 
He got me a gift card, and he knew I would impatiently want to use it. 
Seriously, my husband spoils me way too much. 

The outfit I'm sharing here is not what I wore for Valentines, but I will share that with you soon. 
The bag on this pictures, is a gift from my mom. She had this bag made for me in Argentinian leather, and the color is just lovely. 
I suspect it will make a continuous appearance on the blog.

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  1. Those shoes girl! So perfect!