Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Aftermath

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tunic dress + necklace: Free People | jeans: Dstld | boots: Madewell

The week before Christmas the hubs, some friends and I embarked on an adventure to watch the new Star Wars, which was AMAZING! [Don't worry I won't spoil it for you]. Also my husband now wants a BB8... I'm not surprised.

This tunic/dress is a new favorite, and oh so comfortable. The color reminds me of Rey's outfit in Star Wars. The necklace is a new addition to the necklace quiver and dresses up this long tee-dress so well.

So I'm writing this post on the Christmas aftermath, while sipping on some freshly brewed coffee from my new chemex. Thank you grandma! It tastes like coffee in heaven.


We had a lovely Christmas and a beautiful Christmas' Eve at my church. I had the privilege of using the chalk writing skills I've used in so many Christmas presents for the stage's backdrop this year. It really came out beautifully (not bias at all). But most importantly it was a beautiful service, singing in unison with our brothers and sisters in Christ, celebrating Jesus's birth.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

May the force be with you.

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jeans + top: Free People | boots: Madewell 

A simple outfit for a busy week. I love the neck detail of this Free People top. I bought it at regular price but as always, I'm in the lookout for sales. The week after I bought it, the top had a 50% off discount, so of course I requested and GOT a price adjustment. Go me!

'Tis the week before Christmas, and the house is fully decorated. Wrapping paper has once again taken over the dining room table, making me reconsider having a special space for that next year. But our pine tree smells amazing, there's string of lights everywhere and stashed hot chocolate in the pantry.
Chris and I sent out our first Christmas cards this year and we LOVED how they turned out. Artifact Uprising makes some rad cards.


 P.S. BTW, who is excited for STAR WARS tonight!?... May the force be with you!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Nordic vibes

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sweater fur coat + dress + necklace: Anthropologie | boots: Frye 

When I came across this fur collar sweater I could not resist. I knew it would be a piece that I will wear a lot, even though I live in one of the hottest States in the US. 
I love fur and anything nordic, not only when it comes to clothes but also home decor. My husband used to tell me "Stop trying to decorate our house with dead animals" But now it has definitely grown on him.. Antlers on tables, sheep rugs, antlers on walls, and soon there will be fur throws, cowhide rugs and fur pillows. I just love them nordic vibes. 
I swear, I belong up north. 

December is finally here, and it better slow down. Don't you wish every month was December?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When in doubt, vacation.

Welcome to the longest post you'll ever see on this blog. But you know, vacation.

The night before our trip I was almost convinced the week was going to become a stay-cation. I had forgotten how head scratching it was to pack for a week away, that I was lazying around to get the job done. 

Overpacking for weekend getaways is my forte, but there's no room for overpacking when it comes to a whole week away. Now if you must know I ended up taking 6 pair of pants, 3 shorts, almost every t-shirt I own, 4 dresses, 3 jackets, 4 sweaters, 6 pair of shoes, two hats, a bathing suit and 3 nice tops. Oh! and a scarf. 

Also I did not end up wearing it all. But no surprise there. Regardless we got out of the house en route to Orlando. 

Looking at these photos makes me want to go back in time.
Vacation part 2 Vacation part 2 
Vacation part 4

Cabanna Bay hotel. 
If you love the 60's, this would be your hotel. Such a wonderful place and their pool is tops.

Vacation part 2 

Vacation Vacation part 4 Vacation part 2 

Oh, Cask & Larder. I'm not kidding when I say we ate like royalty on this trip. And this place was the beginning of it all.
Vacation part 4 

It's obvious we just can't stay away from Harry Potter, and having the annual passes who would?
We went just for the morning on the second day and enjoyed a nice breakfast at Three Broomsticks.
Vacation part 4 Vacation part 4 Vacation part 4 Vacation part 1 

Moody shots. I'm all about it. Also give me all the chandeliers and antlers!
Vacation part 4 Vacation part 4 Vacation part 4 

We walked back to the hotel (about a 15 minute walk) that sure made me realize how out of shape I am. But I can't complain, the day was a beautiful 70 degree weather with a light breeze. The dream.
Vacation part 1 

In the afternoon we went to a coffee shop called Propagation. 
I had saved this place on my phone months ago as a place to visit sometime, and I'm so glad I did. The owners, Brittany and Travis are the raddest and friendliest people, and they have a super cute daughter too. Their coffee is the best, hands down. If you go, make sure to get EVERYTHING. It all tastes amazing.
Now, get ready, because they sell the furniture you see in this coffee shop. Hello mid century gorgeous pieces. Make sure to follow them on Instagram and check out PROPAGATION
Vacation part 1 
Vacation part 2 Vacation part 2 Vacation part 1
Vacation part 2

when we booked our room at Cabana Bay, we were asked the ocassion. When we told them it was our anniversary the hotel surprised us with a ticket for a free dinner and drinks on them. We ended the night swimming and eating s'mores by the fire pits.
Vacation part 1 Vacation part 1

HARRY POTTER BOUND!!! plus 60 degree weather, for the win.
Vacation part 6 Vacation part 1 

Another coffee shop we like to visit is VESPR. it's a little out of the way from everything, but their coffee is also good. 

One store we like to visit in Orlando around our anniversary is Entwined. They always have the coolest things and we always end up getting a Christmas ornament from there. We got a rad mirror too.
I always want to take their chandeliers home with me. And this time they had the coolest metal and wood stools, I was literally drooling over them. And oh, how amazing is this wooden fox sitting on the edge of the table?! Someone give me 40 dollars so I can go back there and get it. 
We love this place.
Vacation part 1 

Night fell and it was time to pay old Raglan a visit. The first time we went there was on our honeymoon (3 years ago), and ever since we have gone back every year for our anniversary. IT's THE BEST IRISH PUB EVER. Not only the food is amazing, their live entertainment is fantastic. 
You Vacay 

Raglan has outside and indoors seating. Outside seating has no wait at all, but inside seating had an hour wait. We walked away to wait for our table, as a group of 4 people that had a reservation arrived saying they didn't care about seating outside. We had already walked away to wait an hour, when the guy that had cancelled his reservation (to simply eat outside), came up to us and said we could have his reservation. 
Could the week get any better?!!!  Thank you kind stranger. That made our night.
Vacation part 1

Raglan's located in Downtown Disney, now called Disney Springs. After dinner we always love going for a walk, and look around the shops. Nothing beats walking around in such beautiful weather. We got married in such perfect month to celebrate.

Vacay Vacay Vacation part 5 Vacay Vacation part 1 

Now get your eyes ready. The following night after spending the day at the park again. We headed to Pig Floyd. This barbecue semi latin infused place, is amazing. I had never eaten such delicious ribs in my life. As a meat lover I have to give this place a 10 stars out of 5. It's that good. I'm happy we made the decision to go there to eat. And Oh, fried yuca! so, so good.
Another amazing place to add  to the Rosser Foodie favorite list.
Vacation part 1 Vacation part 1 

The last day approached. And this one really brought out my adventurous side. We visited Blue springs. X Vacay Vacation part 5 . .

What a beautiful place.
We rented a canoe, and at first I was scared of the shaky tiny canoe we were on. As soon as we got pushed into the water I was ready to go back to shore. I guess I was waiting for an alligator to pop out on the sides and then of falling in the water. I was a mess for a few minutes, until I gained a little bit of confidence. 
There was an island to go around before you go back, and it took a very convincing husband to venture into that side. Because I could easily go back the way we had just navigated, with no worries.
But he sure managed to convince me. 
As we went around the island, the current picked up. Surprisingly instead of getting scared I got excited. The wind was so strong so you really had to put power in your arms and row as hard as you could. 

-"Left!" Right!" 

We kept rowing until we got out of the current that kept pushing us away.
Had it not been for my husband, I would have never had experience such adrenaline. And I loved every second. What a blast, what a beautiful day. What a great vacation.

Vacation part 1 . Vacation part 1 . Vacation part 1

P.S. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!