Friday, July 18, 2014

Sweet tea


Jacket- FreePeople
shoes- Anthropologie
watch- DSW

Wow did I think this post wasn't going to happen this week. But yes we came back safely from Georgia on Sunday, and it was truly a blast. Also I had so much sweet tea that my sugar levels must be sky rocketing. Water this whole week it is. Ha! 
But did I mention I had the most amazing peach cobbler? I just love Georgia and their sweet tea; or how I said it that whole week 'swet-tay' or something like that, I don't even know.

The trip came and went by so fast, but if I could repeat it all over again I would. This is the first time my husband, friends and I entered a real recording studio. And it would've never happened if it wasn't for Eagles Landing Church opening their doors and offering us such an awesome opportunity. Cannot wait to see the Cd completed. It's been an amazing journey thus far. (Remember to search Instagram with #theHomewardEp and you can see a little bit of how last week went down).

Tonight, Chris and I, are headed to Orlando, and I think you already know why. Haha! 
Diagon Alley we are on our way!!!!

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  1. Girl, lets talk about your watch, your shoes, your shirt... EVERYTHING in this outfit is perf. Love it. And my hubs is beyond jealous your hitting Diagon Alley ;) Have a blast!