Tuesday, April 15, 2014



joggers- Zara
boots- Anthropologie
blouse- Cottonon
elephant necklace- Billabong

Alright guys, I'm just going to say it... 

...the Rug I was working on, did not work out.

So, the sad news is, I wont be sharing that "make your own rug" post, at all. But at least I  can say I tried, right?

I was so tired and disappointed on the rug, plus I had cleaned my whole house, that I proceeded to lie down on the couch. 
All I wanted to do was nap.

Regardless, this pants were the perfect choice for such day. 
Comfy doesn't even begin to describe them. I have them in two colors and they are the best ever. It's like wearing dressier pj pants.

I've always loved a good pair of loose harem style pants myself. So yes, I'm happy these jogger pants are in. What do you think?

P.S. The good news is I have an amazing husband that came home to cheer me up and drag me away from the couch. 
Nothing like ending the evening with a game night, and friends.


  1. What a shame that your rug didn't work out - but the fact that you tried is an accomplishment in and of itself. Plus, you have supremely comfortable and completely adorable harem pants, which I am absolutely envious of. They just never look right on me!

  2. Oh man, those pants looks so comfy AND so pulled together and cute at the same time! I think I need some.
    Sorry to hear about the rug! I don't know how many projects I've done that have been a total fail, so I feel for ya:)

  3. Love this outfit and the elephant necklace is sooo cute! :)