Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dreading summer...

 photo 13241946875_abb1d26dbb_c_zps045e5188.jpg
 photo 13242282564_c760c0021b_c_zps2f0495ba.jpg
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 photo 13242278154_791fa541f9_c_zps8d73f7b3.jpg
 photo 13242285114_9735f271bc_c_zpsd7fdc90c.jpg

Dress and long sweater vest- Ruche
boots- Anthropologie

The few winter days we got this year, weren't that cold, and I'm not quite ready to put my sweaters away-Not yet.

Yes, I'm dreading summer's arrival.

Winter and Fall will always be my favorite seasons to dress for.

So, on Friday, last week, Chris and I headed out to the movies, to watch Robocop.
Before you think it was his pick, I tell you, it was actually mine. 
I had been begging him to take me see it, and finally he did.

He was surprised that I wanted to watch that, but in my defense, I grew up seeing all the old ones, thanks to my dad.
Hence my eagerness to want to watch the remake.

I loved it, just as much as Iron man.
It was great!!!! and I seriously can't wait for a sequel! Anybody?

P.S. see how I wore this dress, before, Here


  1. Love this look! The colors are so great together, and it just looks so cozy:)

  2. Love this look (and your hair!) Just found your blog via Fine and Feathered and am so glad I did! New follower via Bloglovin!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages
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