Monday, March 31, 2014

Woman up, and do it!


boots- Anthropologie
bag- F21

You can't really tell by these pictures, nor any of my old posts for the past month, but I've been having trouble with my neck lately.
-getting older is not fun-

I finally went ahead and placed an appointment with a super awesome acupuncturist, thanks to one of my friends who recommended it, and I feel so much better.

So here, writing to you, is relieved Lizette! :D

In other news, I gotta be honest, I was so close to start working on my rug on Saturday, to finally finish it and show you, but I chickened out.
I know the design I want to paint on it, but you know -paint- Once on the fabric it wont come out, so there's no space for mistakes.

I promise I haven't forgotten about it. 
Crossing fingers I could have it ready on a post by next week! 
I just gotta woman up, and do it

Monday, March 24, 2014

You Know, Like a Cartoon


jacket/lace tee/boots/Fedora- Anthropologie
jeggings- delias

If I was told I could only wear one outfit forever- you know, like a cartoon- it will be this one. 
I just love everything about it. 

So some awesome things: 
On Saturday I got featured on the post "Bloggers I Love" by Josie from Fine and Feathered
What a great experience to be featured next to some great bloggers out there, and to be in one awesome blog.
Thank you so much, Josie, for this opportunity and your kind words! <3

In other exciting news, the day I wore this outfit, we celebrated the engagement of two amazing friends, Scott and Jamie.
And we are all so happy for their new great chapter in life.

aren't they so cute together? :D
Congratulations guys <3

Another wedding to celebrate!!!!! wooo!!! 
Partayyy!!! :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dreading summer...

 photo 13241946875_abb1d26dbb_c_zps045e5188.jpg
 photo 13242282564_c760c0021b_c_zps2f0495ba.jpg
 photo 13242097293_362e99a6b1_c_zps9c8dbbcf.jpg
 photo 13241939805_bd642099ef_c_zpsd26a133a.jpg
 photo 13242292454_0c00c3e0d5_c_zps49de397f.jpg
 photo 13242278154_791fa541f9_c_zps8d73f7b3.jpg
 photo 13242285114_9735f271bc_c_zpsd7fdc90c.jpg

Dress and long sweater vest- Ruche
boots- Anthropologie

The few winter days we got this year, weren't that cold, and I'm not quite ready to put my sweaters away-Not yet.

Yes, I'm dreading summer's arrival.

Winter and Fall will always be my favorite seasons to dress for.

So, on Friday, last week, Chris and I headed out to the movies, to watch Robocop.
Before you think it was his pick, I tell you, it was actually mine. 
I had been begging him to take me see it, and finally he did.

He was surprised that I wanted to watch that, but in my defense, I grew up seeing all the old ones, thanks to my dad.
Hence my eagerness to want to watch the remake.

I loved it, just as much as Iron man.
It was great!!!! and I seriously can't wait for a sequel! Anybody?

P.S. see how I wore this dress, before, Here

Friday, March 14, 2014


 photo 13139515673_cc92f60c9f_c_zps7fd1f5bb.jpg
 photo 13139690054_dc5c3f3906_c_zps88868e72.jpg
 photo 13139522323_5e08d20e04_c_zpsc84bb7fd.jpg
 photo 13139520383_4c78e99280_c_zps603a5bd2.jpg
 photo 13139683094_657476c0d9_c_zpscff5a133.jpg
Marrakesh Embroidered Top- Ruche
Fringed Eliot cardigan- Anthropologie
Necklace- Premier Jewelry
Tarnby lasercut booties- Anthropologie
Anchor bracelet- Gift

When your pictures are hassle free to edit- big hurray!
But in other not so big hurray moments (well, maybe for my heart), I need to find a workout routine that I can keep up more than 3 days. 

Ready?... set!... Go!

-I'm 26 and can't lift a thing. (even carrying a watermelon hurts my arms) 
-I go up a staircase and run out of breath halfway there. (luckily I live on the first floor.)...

...Ok, the list can go on, but I'm not sure I feel like embarrassing myself more.

I will start that workout, tomorrow. 
No more excuses.

walking around the neighborhood, counts -right? 0_o
-just kidding!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh Spring forward

 photo 13076202114_87b7358868_c_zps586ce62c.jpg
 photo 13075902845_54aebc3c29_c_zps37e7c4d4.jpg
 photo 13075897435_f36f4a1839_c_zpsad321b5e.jpg
 photo 13075904645_1a0e83392f_c_zps268a1335.jpg
 photo 13076001353_9c5ced2654_c_zps5e068861.jpg
 photo 13076015293_ec15362ec8_c_zpse4032563.jpg
 photo 13075892905_ab3ba587be_c_zps9949c27a.jpg
 photo 13076017833_dbddfb455e_c_zpsee0aa1cc.jpg
 photo 13076005593_13c6125cff_c_zps65f0af42.jpg
 photo 13076191024_72aaa1d8ac_c_zps9aa1fd16.jpg
 photo 13076194474_9e81674726_c_zpsf4cc7ad7.jpg

Baroque print pants- Ruche
Keren lace tee- Anthropologie
necklace- Premier designs
draped indigo moto jacket- Anthropologie

When you are ready with all the pictures for a post, and have nothing to say. I blame spring forward.

What I don't blame spring forward for, it's the extra hour of light we get now.
Of course it's nice to not  have to think it's super late, when the clock marks 7 pm.

So about this pants, the baroque print was the first thing that caught my eye, aside from the cute zippers.

I added texture to the busy print with a neutral crochet tee, and topped it with this jacket that makes me feel like I should be riding a motorcycle -only for a picture not to actually take a ride-I'm not that brave...

...My husband does want to get a motorcycle...

...I object. ><

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The serving spoon

 photo 12861167074_8110ee7417_c_zpsf00e413c.jpg
 photo 12861156754_821a79e994_c_zps3682a467.jpg
 photo 12860761885_01ed45c2c8_c_zps20d6382f.jpg
 photo 12861169834_83a7d0e917_c_zpsc37c38e7.jpg
 photo 12859534875_352c8a641f_c_zps18a3b9d7.jpg
 photo 12859997704_5046c29213_c_zps3b73a1fb.jpg
 photo 12860806103_ce95fdd44b_c_zps93a44479.jpg
 photo 12861153404_b9e7762f25_c_zps4671bede.jpg
 photo 12861146984_206d147048_c_zpsc4e3ec1a.jpg
 photo 12861150474_f7471fba38_c_zps73ea97b8.jpg
 photo 12860748595_97fefec665_c_zps38953256.jpg

dress, boots, sweater- Anthropologie

So I've been meaning to finish the rug for my living room, but I still haven't decided on what print I would like to paint on it. So that project is on hold, for now.
But I do promise a post in the future, once it's finished :D

What I can show you is what I did this past Saturday...

At The Anchor Church, every 3 months, we have an award Sunday. We host a breakfast before church, and present 3 awards. 
We do this, not only as a fun get-together, but also to see what goes on unnoticed, behind stage, as God grows our church.

The awards we give are as follows: 
1. a wooden spoon (the serving spoon award) for those serving the church in different ways, 
2. A SWEAT-er vest (The sweater award) for the hard sweaty worker, lol,
3.A shoe, (the beautiful feet award) for those that have share the gospel, or invited someone to church

On the last breakfast award, I happily received the wooden spoon
My first award!!! :D

You have the option to add something to it, while you have the award. 
So here, I show you what I did:
Wood-burning, I gotta tell you, it can become addicting. It's like fulfilling your childish dream of burning stuff, without the damage part ... Wait, was I the only kid that always wanted to burn things? lol.

At first I thought it would be hard to do, but the secret is in not about making it perfect, but having fun with it. Look at it closely, the lines are not perfectly straight, and I think it still looks great! Don't you agree? maybe I'm just biased :P