Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glitter Everywhere


top: modcloth
leggings: Delias (old)
boots: Anthropologie

I remember the time I got these leggings. 
I was so excited to get them in the mail and as soon as they arrived, I opened the package, and my smile went to an "oh...."... 
yup, I did not like them.
 Just because they were thick enough to keep me warm, for the few cold days we had, I decided to keep them, to wear around the house. 

3 years later and now I'm wearing them outside the house. What can I say, they grew on me, they look great with this cute boots and whenever I work with glitter around the holidays, its perfect.
Glitter everywhere!!

So last night Chris and I put the last ornaments on the tree. 
We hung all his year by year ornaments since he was born, given by his mom.

Go and click on link below to see the cute IG video he put together :)


  1. These boots. They kill me. Every time you wear them I fall a little more in love with them! And those sparkly leggings are great, too - I can see how they might take time to grow on you if you weren't expecting all the sparkle, but they look fabulous.

  2. LLOOVVEE the boots! And yeah, those leggings are perfect for this time of year! Ad.dorbs.