Monday, September 23, 2013

About time

I tried my best (I think) to edit this pictures. 
The lighting just wasn't great in some shots, but this outfit it's one that has been worn many times, to different occasions, and it was about time it showed up on my blog. Right? lol.
It's one of my favorites. ^^

yay! it's Monday! and that's me being sarcastic.. -_-

BTW anyone excited that the series Revenge is starting back up? eek!

skirt- Ruche
cropped sweater tee- Sosie
boots- Modesta
necklace- Premier Designs


  1. Editing can be tough, but I think this photos turned out really nicely. I love the combination of your skirt and boots, they're really cute together!

  2. Sweet outfit esp lovin' the boots!

  3. Nice outfit! I always have issues editing photos because I can never get the lighting just right.
    I am also excited for Revenge! So many shows are coming out now =)