Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinner Party

 Chris and I after hanging our first mirror at our home :D

 Thanks Adrian for this last 2 pictures! :D

Two Saturdays ago Chris and I had some of our friends over for dinner at our home.
They got to try my Peruvian dish "Lomo Saltado" and it was a great success :D 
Seriously, nothing like fries and rice mixed with steak, It's just too good, and better with the company of friends :)

The house came together the day before the party. Once we got our new couch in the living room, the whole look of the house, changed. I also got to hang a few things on the walls including our first mirror (one of the pictures above). 
I'm seriously loving our house more and more.
Each day feels a lot like home <3 

tunic blouse- HM
boots- Anthropologie
necklace- Premier Designs


  1. Gorgeous outfit! Congrats on the house :-)

  2. Such a cute, simple summer look - I love, love, love those booties!