Monday, June 3, 2013

Feeling like home

No leg photo, lol

Two Sundays ago, after church, Chris and I headed to O cinema in Wynwood in Miami.
Isn't the outside wall of the cinema cool? loved it! 
We watched 'Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf's' a documentary. 
Chris picked it since it was fashion related and he knew I would love it :)
what a cutie.

Ok, so, where do I begin?... We are all MOVED IN!!!! AH!!!!
It's finally happened, we are in our new apartment since Saturday and it's awesome and already feeling like home! 
Boxes are disappearing one at a time and it's, well, just awesome and relieving.

I was so overwhelmed on Saturday when we were moving and all I kept seeing were boxes and boxes piling up and no space to sit down, lol. 
But we had family and friends help us move and I'm so thankful for them, they were a big big help! We are seriously truly blessed!

As promised here are a few pics of how it's all coming along! :)

The Bedroom!

 My favorite nook in the apartment for sure!! I just need to get a curtain :)
Notice I hung most of my neutral , white, and black clothing to match it with the bedroom colors :P and also creating more space in my closet.
the rug under my clothing rack is a faux sheep rug, Chris keeps making fun of me for it :( but I like it

 A friend gave us this cutesy dresser she was giving away. It doesn't match our bed yet but we will be staining it black/brown, just on the top part of it :) yay projects!
Also my mirror will go above the dresser. And I know, I know, no lamp shades yet, lol

The living room!! Chris playing the Uke and mismatched furniture, lol... or how i like to call it: 
my furniture jumping on the mismatched trend, hehe.
I'm thinking gray couch with mustard accents in the future! and definitely hanging that wheel that's on the table, above the couch :)

And last but not least, the kitchen!! which I'm still painting, I'm lazy when it comes to painting, it really is a pain to paint.
hello blue tape :P

We are still on the process of rearranging the other bedroom, dinning room and bathrooms, hopefully you will see how those come along, right now those are a mess, so no photo :P

We are so happy!!! having our own place to decorate to our heart's content, it's indeed exciting! 

P.S. Hope I didn't overwhelmed you, this is a huge post! lol :P, just blame my excitement ^^

Dress- Cottonon
Flower crown- Etsy- custom made
Belt- Modcloth
Heel oxfords- Bakers
Necklace- F21
Bag- Volcom


  1. Love your outfit and what a beautiful house you have :X
    I'm following you now via GFC, I hope you'll follow me back!

  2. so so cute! i really loved your outfit! x

  3. So glad t hear that the move went well, congratulations! The place is looking great so far :) And I love your outfit, especially the floral headband, it's just too cute!

  4. your home is so cozy!


  5. Lovely home!!

    Un bacio( A kiss from Italy)
    Lucia, Carpe Shopping

  6. Totally cute summer outfit!

    xo Jennifer

  7. I like the kitchen and your shoes :D

  8. I LOVE this outfit it's simple but chic anf fun at the same time

    And I love the colors of your new bedroom !


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