Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Packing = workout

You would've never known by this pictures that a few hours before I had the weirdest, painful leg cramps ever. 
Who knew squatting only twice to pick some stuff off the floor would do it.
I'm getting old... I seriously need to work out. But, since we are moving this Saturday to our new apartment, I'll consider packing and lifting stuff, my workout routine. 

I read once before, somewhere, something like you burn about 200 calories for packing and unpacking a box...well, I'm on it :P

top- Audrey 1+3
pants- Tilly's
oxford heels- Bakers


  1. That's quite a bit just for one box! Wow, who knew? Your top is darling!! Seriously. And those shoes too...

  2. I adore your blouse it is something I would love to wear!
    xo Ilana My Modern Vintage