Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Columbus, GA

Finally posting pictures from our trip to Georgia. It was a 10 hour road trip, so yes, I was dying in the car lol. We headed up there to see my brother in law (Chris's brother) graduate from basic training.

The first evening we went to a BBQ place for dinner, I must add Georgia's sweet tea is awesome no matter what restaurant you go to, and when you ask for it, people don't ask if you want it unsweetened or sweetened, lol, it was just perfect tea every time. 

Later that night the hubby and I headed out to coffee. 
They had the coolest cute coffee shop called Fountain City, that I would much love to have here in Florida. 


-Grandma and I having breakfast at the hotel-

The next morning we headed out to Fortbenning for Jeff's Turning Blue Ceremony, where they have families come forward and put the blue cord on their soldiers. 

-Chris and I-

 -Mom Donna and Jeff-

-the brothers-

The blue cord stands for the Infantry.

-Hailey and Jeff-

-Jeff and grandma-

Believe it or not Chris's mom plays Call of duty, Halo, Hitman etc. so this picture is pretty much her in her element :P

After the ceremony we headed out to the Infantry Museum, which was awesome, here are some of the pictures:

What? what are my oxfords doing there? lol 

Tons of pictures!!! The museum was definitely worth visiting.

tiny me :P

by the way, everywhere we went the walls were either bricks or wood, I loved that

On the second day we headed back to Fortbenning for the graduation.
 Fortbenning is huge, It's like a city inside the city. They have houses, schools and even a Starbucks, a fancy one, that I wish we had time to stop by and take pictures of it, because it looked awesome.

The band before the ceremony. It was fun to watch, they did really good

It was a fun quick 2 days. I wish we could've stayed longer but right after graduation we headed on the road back to Florida. Jeff was looking forward to going home already and to get out of Fortbenning, where he had been for 3 months training without being allowed to get out, lol. 
But it was a great trip aside from the 10 hour drive, hehe.

P.S tune in Friday for an outfit post :)


  1. One day I will visit Columbus too :)

  2. It looks like you had a great, albeit very quick, trip up to Georgia! I have to admit, it was the coffee flavours at Fountain City that really caught my eye - sign me up for an Oreo latte, please :)

  3. Soooo many nice pics in this post!

  4. Hey, great post! I just came across your blog and I love it!

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