Monday, May 20, 2013


I wore this on a rainy casual Saturday. Every time it rains I wear this boots. I shall call them my rain boots, though they are not meant for rain :P
Chris and I are 1 week and 5 days away to move into our new apartment and even though its exciting it's also bittersweet. Our 2 friends that lived in that apartment departed this morning for Maine...

In 2010 I met Chelsea and Chris Blais, who became two awesome, great friends.
 I'm going to miss them a lot. 3 years of knowing them flew by. But after all the tears, I know I will see them once again, because now, I believe, an excuse to travel to Maine is in store and I'm looking forward to that :). 

This picture already makes me tear up again.
Love you guys so so much! May God be with you on the road and as you begin your new life in Maine. 
You guys will be greatly missed. Big hug from the Rosser's!! and thank you for hooking us up with the apartment, most importantly your encouragement and your awesome friendship that is sure to continue for years to come! 

This is not Goodbye, this is see you later!! <3

Tee- Everlane
Striped dress and bag- HM
Tan leather bracelet- Cottonon
Wooden carved bracelet- surfshop
Boots- BC footwear


  1. that's sad when friends leave but stay strong girl! love your skirt

    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  2. Very cute!

    xo Jennifer