Monday, April 29, 2013

Cardigan makes scarf

Another Friday with no post!! I had a crazy busy Friday running errands with the hubby so there was no time to make this post happen. But I'm here with a cool idea to make up for it, I hope :P 
See the scarf I'm wearing? It's actually a cardigan. I was on my way to church and had brought my cardigan with me. It was a little warm to wear it but I noticed I had forgotten to wear a necklace, so what did I do a cardigan scarf.  All you do is tuck the arms in, then twist the cardigan, put it around your neck and knot the ends! Tada! is that simple and creative.
I have seen this done with a maxi skirt before too! so go ahead try this, but maybe use a lighter fabric since its starting to get warm as we know it!
yay summer O_O

P.S. I was featured on Llana's blog My Modern Vintage, yesterday! go check it out and her awesome blog!  Thank you once again Llana! :D

Skirt- Francesca's
oxford heels- Bakers
blouse- HM
cardigan worn as scarf- TJ Maxx
watch-Daniel Wellington

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beach and crepes

Last Saturday was beach day, all day, literally! and I'm so glad I didn't end up with a sunburn. Thank you SPF 50 sunscreen and big sunhat.
My friend Lauren and I headed out to the beach in the morning. I thought the rain would ruin the day but the skies stayed pretty clear for the time we hung out at the beach, sunny and hot. 
As soon as we got home the rain started, so needless to say we left the beach at the right time.

For the evening I had planned a beach date with Chris to go to Le petite prince (a cafe & sandwich place). We were going to play Frisbee until it got dark and then watch the stars on the beach... but the rain ruined half my plans. Regardless, we still went to the cafe place, which is right across from the beach, and got to enjoy their delicious crepes. 
So selfish rain you didn't ruin my Saturday, I still had a great time :) 

shorts- UO
shirt- F21
boots- BC footwear
leaf bangle- HM
watch- Daniel Wellington

Monday, April 22, 2013

How do you like them apples

Blouse on top of  a dress with a belt? yes please, and layered necklaces? even better.
the small anchor necklace I'm wearing was made by my friend Bianca. Aren't they cute? She was sweet to make one for all the girls. 
I love it! Thank you Bianca <3

Apple print dress- Ruche
navy blouse- HM
long necklaces- Premier Designs
ring- Francescas
belt- Modcloth

Friday, April 19, 2013

Up above the world you fly, like a tea-tray in the sky

Lauren and I

On Saturday one of my friends, Gabriella, had a tea party for all the girls at her grandma's house, just for fun.
The pictures don't do justice as to how beautiful this house was and with all the cute tea sets and beautiful desserts. I even had a macaroon for the first time. It was delicious!!!

I didn't grow up having tea parties like my friends did, so this was my first tea party and I would definitely do it again. Always a fun reason to dress up and have a girl time.

tulle skirt- panache
dress as top- HM
flats-City classified
mint bag- target

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Fancy Salad

"I'm borrowing your suspenders" what I told the hubby as I headed out to a girl night dinner on Friday. 
We went to a restaurant called Big Bear. Their food was awesome until my bill came out.
I had ordered a tuna salad -a really good one I must add- the price wasn't on the menu, but that its the first and the last time I will overlook that detail. All other salads were 9-14 dollars so I figured mine would fall in on of those prices....needless to say my bill had a 21 dollar tuna salad. whaaaaaaa????!!!!! yup... I could have bought a dress with that! hah! oh well, It's not often my belly eats a fancy tuna salad. what can I say?

heel oxfords- Bakers
necklace and belt- modcloth