Monday, January 14, 2013

Crochet and Floral

camel shorts- F21
navy blouse - HM
floral and crochet scarf- Pier 1 imports

It's not often you go to a Pier1imports , a home decoration based store, and come out with a piece of clothing. 
Last year, for mother's day, I went there and spotted an awesome dress-form that sadly I couldn't afford, mostly since I had a wedding coming up. On the dress form was this particular scarf. I went to the front counter to ask how much the scarf was, they said '100 dollars'... I just had this blank stare of "are you serious?" well I guess not only can I afford the 100 dollar mannequin but also the expensive scarf was out of my reach, lol... when they realized I was talking about the scarf they apologized, we both were talking about two different items. The scarf was 12 dollars, It was the mannequin she was referring to... with that said, I did indeed bought mom a gift, of course (it was mother's day after all) but also I left with this lovely scarf :) 


P.S Here is what I wore during the day, before changing into the shorts, boots and scarf. 

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