Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mint nails

top flower detail, skirt and belt-F21

just recently painted my nails mint, i have to say i love it!!!!

went to Scrubby's for dinner, never have i been thee before but i have to say their ribs are amazing, its making me hungry thinking about it. the end.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pin up

flower clip-etsy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Valentine

My sweet valentine :D

belt and necklace-F21
rose tights-modcloth

Even tho i would usually want to get a new dress for every ocassion, i have realized i cannot do that every time and is just a waste! all you have to do is pull old stuff and rearrange accessories and poof you have a new fun outfit.

my sweetie and i went to Lincoln Rd in Miami once again (if you've read previous posts is where we went for our 4 year anniversary) this time we went to a different restaurant called "sushi samba" a Peruvian, Japanese, Brazilian place.. exactly, how crazy is that? 

right after we headed on a 5 minute walk to the movie theatre to see "the vow" (the popular valentines movie of the year lol) almost all my friends and every other blog i follow, have mentioned they have done the same date, you know who you are ;)

i do have to say i expected the movie to be better plot wise....
it was a really unique cool concept but the car accident part wasn't really a shock since it happened right at the beginning when you didn't have that much of a background about the characters.. 
over all it was just a good movie.. ;)

i had such a lovely night with my cutie, he is such a blessing!!!!

hope you had a lovely valentines :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Elbow patch

boots-Very volatile

yay for super chilly sundays and wearing tights ;)
not gonna lie, at first i felt the blazer didn't go well with the outfit, im still not sure, but i know it kept me warm... also got complimented by a random person.

valentines tomorrow! wooo!! happy valentines!! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apple print

scarf-2 years ago, either F21 or UO
tights-dont rememeber
trench coat-F21

what a beautiful weather has hit Florida this weekend! its been lovely, sadly tmrw we are back to the warm temperatures.. 

I went to my friend Steph's Bachelorette party, we had so many fun games and she was so happy we were there to celebrate with her. her wedding is one week away, time went by so fast.. its exciting!

so, i've had this scarf for a long time and never worn it but once cause i have to literally brush the fringe to wear it.. like seriously i hate brushing my hair, i dont want to be brushing a scarf.. but its a cute one.. 

its fun when you pull old stuff from your closet and it can be added to a new outfit that compliments it perfectly, i think :)

flowers on my shoulder


what did i do on wednesday before i got ready to head out the door? i ran!
yay, mission accomplished! i have to get my cardio going.
i like this top, i almost got rid of it when i decided to give it a try and wear it, you cant see it that well but it has flowers on the left shoulder, its a cute detail, i think.

Monday, February 6, 2012