Friday, December 21, 2012

My favorite plaid

plaid skirt-Downeastbasics
Navy cardigan-Target
rope brown belt-Modcloth
wine heels-City CLassified
ruffle blouse-HM

Out of all the plaid I own I have to say that this skirt is my absolute favorite. Its different, colorful,  unique and fun to wear. I wore this to church on Sunday. I got to lead worship with my favorite girl ever, Lauren! (btw Lauren, I haven't given you a shout out on the blog in a while, so here goes!) HI LAUREN!!!! :D

Yes, I know what you are thinking right now "this girl needs a haircut"... I know, I know, and my bangs need a trim, desperately, but until I find time for a hair appointment, I'll have to deal with its length :P and maybe enjoy it until I can get it cut once again. but I wont promise anything above my shoulders, that brings bad memories from my childhood with my bob little hair cut, yikes >.< .... ::happy thoughts, happy thoughts::

That's all I wrote!  Have a lovely weekend, and see you Monday! <3 

PS: Christmas is around the corner!!!! :D


  1. great skirt! love this :)

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  2. That plaid skirt is so cute! I love your cream blouse, too!

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