Saturday, November 24, 2012

Honeymoon day 5- Part 1: Epcot fun

On thursday one of Chris's friends' friend got us 2 tickets to get into any park we wanted to go, for free.
 Chris and I chose Epcot, since we had never been there.

After hardly waking up, once again, I was ready to go, wearing shorts, cardigan and a scarf. It was very chilly and I was expecting it to get warmer like it did the day before at Harry potter world..... well, I was wrong!!! It was so cold and windy and I was dying!!!

We saw this aquarium at the 'Finding Nemo' ride, which I believe it was meant to be for little kids, because we were the only couple without children sitting on a sea shell, lol

Feeding time!!!!!! crazyness!!!

At the Aquarium I found my (like Chris calls it) Spirit Animal. Why, you may ask? because it has polka dots <3 I loooveeeee it!!!  it's called the Eagle ray.

look at that face!! I wanted it to take it home!

The tickets we had were good for the whole day, so we could enter and leave all we wanted; around 1pm we went back to the hotel to change into warmer clothing and come back to the park, because It wasn't going to warm up at all.

Once we were back we headed to the different country spots at Epcot. 

We ended up staying at the park longer than we thought we would...



We bought one of these lamps! aren't they so cool?

Thought this was really funny, specially the pink and the yellow one

Italy!! Molto bene


Chris loved this wooden clocks, If only we could have bought one, they were beautiful

He liked this tree and his delicious caramel apple :) my cutie <3


the Vikings had a fun boat ride, so if you ever go to Epcot make sure you ride it ;)

New Mexico!!


we went by France and they had a delicious pastries and coffee place. Delicious  is an understatement, I wanted to buy all the sweets they had in there :P

By the end of the day Chris wanted to ride the space shuttle ride. 
So I accompanied my husband, like a good wifey that supports and takes part on stuff her husband likes..... 
Yup, I felt sick after that ride, if you are (even mildly) prone to motion sickness you will not like this ride and also if you don't like tight enclosed spaces... take my word for it, do not even try it!!! ahhh!! I'm getting dizzy and getting a headache as I'm typing this :P, but Chris enjoyed the ride and that's all that mattered <3

You could already feel the Christmas spirit at Epcot <3

we said our goodbyes to Epcot and headed out to dinner!!!!!! :D...

Next post: our dinner outfit post.
You'll have to wait till tomorrow ;)


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  2. Oh my goodness, you guys look like you had a blast. Lovely post, hun. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo