Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Honeymoon day 2- car breaks down? no worries, take a Camaro

On Monday morning November 12, 2012, Chris and I said our goodbyes to Delray Beach and the Hyatt Hotel as we embarked on our next adventure,  Orlando.

Little did we know the car would break down once we got to Kissimee Fl :(.. but we figured it out after calling and calling car shops. The car would take 3 days to fix so we had to rent one.

We arrived to the rental place, and just as we were going to rent a small/cheap car, the manager finds out we were on our honeymoon and decided to give us a Chevy Camaro for the same price of a regular rental... I know!! crazy and fancy!! :D

 At this point we thought "well, I guess everywhere we go we need to mention we are on our honeymoon" LOL

After getting such fancy car for the next 3 days and having a crazy stressful afternoon, we decided to up the day by going to a nice restaurant.

Chris called to make a reservation at Flemings Steak House. They asked him what the occasion was, so we told them we were on our honeymoon... remember, if you are on your honeymoon you may want to tell everyone around you because you get a bunch of good deals, coupons and such, I'm not kidding!! 

We arrived at the restaurant and they gave us a gift card, chocolate truffles and a card saying congratulations! 

My handsome husband :D

After a wonderful filling dinner we headed out to a coffee shop called, Stardust Video & coffee.
I took a few pictures of the coffee shop so you get the idea of this place

Outside the coffee shop there was a harvest festival, with a bunch of things and of course, music

Chris found this in one of the shop stands, yup, he was all excited, and the girl that makes them gave Chris a sample of the stache wax, so he was stoked!
For all bearded "no shave November' men, this is for you!

And this is the Camaro!! we had to take pictures of this car, obvioulsy! lol

floral dress-F21
trench coat-F21
wine heels-City classified
cream scarf-H&M

shirt- Express
Jeans- Denizen
elbow patch, gray sweater- H&M
suspenders-UO (present from me :))

Till' tomorrow for part 3 :)

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