Friday, November 30, 2012


sweater arrow skirt, black and gold- F21
cranberry top- UO
Necklace- Premier Designs 
tan asymmetric cardigan sweater- HM (old)
cognac knee boots-volatile

It's Friday!! and that's all my brain is thinking about.
Tonight is girl night!!! my friends haven't seen twilight yet, so it's going to be fun to see their reaction to the movie, and that's all I'm saying. If you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about.. not spoilers in comments please! lol.

It's been getting dark earlier, ever since the time change.. so that's annoying considering there's barely light in the afternoon for pictures... but its ok, I'll manage, I hope.

For winter I've been liking the tribal look a lot and I loved how this outfit came out, specially when it took me 5 min to put it together! That's always a plus! 
I went to a double sushi dinner date with two of my friends Chelsea and Chris Blais. they are awesome and I'm thankful for their friendship! they will be going back to Maine next year, and I certainly hope I'll be able to visit them up there sometime when they go :) 

So Chris is taking me somewhere tomorrow to celebrate 5 years together.. I know once you get married you have to re-start the countdown... but 5 years can't be easily overlooked, so we are celebrating regardless :) I have no clue where he is taking me.. all he said was to dress up tomorrow, and I'm excited :D!!!

Have a lovely weekend <3

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A day to give Thanks

A day out of the year suddenly arrives, where we remember to give thanks.... but I'm thankful everyday of the year, even today when it isn't a national holiday to remind me so!

I'm thankful for another day, family, friends that are like family, a life given through Jesus, my husband, Chris's grandma's thanksgiving meal, the list can go on... what are you thankful for? 

Every other year Chris and I have celebrated thanksgiving together...




(look at this crazy tights I wore last year! :P )

This year's Thanksgiving Chris and I went to his grandma's house once again. I had volunteered to make the sweet potato casserole, which btw It was delicious :) I was indeed very proud of it.
...but this year was even more special than the last couple of years, because it was our first Thanksgivings together as The Rossers :D and it sounds so wonderful to say it like that :D

Here is what we wore :) ...

denim shirt-Men21
cognac oxfords-Aldos

Burgundy skirt-HM
pullover sweater-HM
polka dot blouse (under)- F21
Flats-City classified

It was beautiful outside! even tho the day started warm, cooling slowly as the day went on, so I had to say no to my knee socks :( but its ok, hopefully there'll be colder days coming our way soon! crossing fingers we get a very chilly weather this Christmas :D

So, did you do black Friday or Cyber Monday?  I didn't.. well I never do black Fridays, I very rarely like shopping in stores anyways and I don't like crowds... but since I'm an online shopper, I have always snatched something great online (like this dress), on cyber Monday .. but this year after moving out of my house I realized I have way too much, (I have donated 5 bags of stuff to goodwill already) so Cyber Monday did not allure me in :) But I indeed had a great relaxing thanksgiving with my husband and family and that's all that was important to me, and well, the food too! :D
Hope your thanksgiving was just as wonderful <3

PS: Christmas is almost here!!!!! favorite season of all!!! :D! so stop reading this post! go get your Christmas tree ready!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Honeymoon day 6- part 2: A Fancy Evening

On Friday, our last night in Orlando, and the last night of our Honeymoon, we ventured to Downtown Disney after the movies...

If any night had been cold, this last night topped them all, I was a popsicle and the winds made it feel like we were in the 50's.. of course I decided to wear a sleeveless dress, but thankfully I brought a blazer with me, which I decided against it most of the night, because the dress standed so beautifully on its own. well they say beauty is pain, or more like beauty is forgetting you are a popsicle and not show you are shivering! :P

We stopped at this Irish restaurant called Raglan Road, for dinner.

Here is a picture of the inside so you kind of get the idea...

They told us the wait for a table was 45 min, so Chris went to get us hot chocolate... I believe we heard wrong because our table was ready in 5 minutes, and Chris had left to go get us hot chocolate somewhere outside the restaurant...
They sat me at our table while I waited for Chris. An old guy sitting right next to our table turn to me and said: "are you a princess?" lol I just simply said "I wish" LOL
Once Chris showed up the guy turns to our table again and says "What is this, you all dressed up!" lol, we just laughed...

We got delicious food followed by a delectable dessert...
Usually i'm the one that asks for dessert, but this time, It was Chris who asked for it lol, I guess I'm rubbing in on him haha! ...well, It's expected after dating almost 5 years :P

We usually like chocolate anything for dessert, because seriously, you can never go wrong with chocolate... but this time the bread pudding was very alluring, so we went for it.
 Look how good it looks...

There was Irish music and dancing...

Overall It was such a fun and delicious restaurant, I highly recommend it if you ever venture to Downtown Disney ;)

After Dinner we hurried to Cirque du soleil show, we were so excited!!! It was such a great show, sadly they wouldn't let you take pictures inside so you'll only get what the outside looks like...

Cirque du soleil is in Downtown Disney so we just walked there after dinner :)

And here is what we wore:

white button down shirt-HM
black vest-HM (old)
tweed tie-HM
black jeans-Denizen
pocket watch (the wedding present I gave him :D)-Etsy
glasses- Von Zipper

glitter and tutu dress-HM
navy blazer-Charlotte Russe
wine heels-city classified
Pearls-Premier Designs

Of course we spotted this fake hot air balloon, and I had to take a picture with it :D

What a fun night, what a fun week! It couldn't have been better without my wonderful husband (btw Im used to saying husband now, yay) by my side. He is the sweetest and cant wait to see what God has in store for both of us.
I love you Christopher Rosser and waking up next to you is just one of my new favorite things ever <3

We have come to the end of this Honeymoon post journey... hope you enjoyed all the posts! :)

I'll see you all Thursday with an outfit post from thanksgiving <3