Wednesday, October 10, 2012

polka fun and one awkward moment

my fav picture

teal tank- goodwill
polka dot pants- goodwill

The great feeling of finding fun polka dot pants that fit you and then finding out they are only 2 dollars?! oh my!. Go goodwill!

On Sunday Oct 7th was my birthday and after a lovely dinner with  my friends the night before and an awesome gift card to H&M from all of them, my fiance took me to the store for a shopping spree :D
Got tons of goodies but at the same time it was hard making decisions on what to get and what to not get considering I had a gift card limit and had to stick to it and not overspend.

So! now an awkward moment: 
when your neighbors decide to come out when you are taking pictures of your outfit. 
Can you picture that awkward moment for me right now? yep, just put yourself in my shoes for that min, when all you feel are eyes on you and you don't even want to look up for the start of an awkward conversation.
welp, I did look up when one went by as he was walking his dog and said "becoming a photographer?" 
...."no, just taking pictures for a blog I have"... he just walked away smiling and saying "oh OK, good" not sure what that meant, lol all I know is I always encounter weird situations, and this one was one of them. 
I have no clue how New York bloggers take their pictures in the middle of the street as people walk by, I guess is common to see people do it there often than down here where you barely encounter a soul in the streets. who knows!
maybe I need to move to a place where people walk out on the streets all the time, so I can break out of my shell when taking pictures in public :P


  1. Adorable polka dots. I need some in my life, even if it's just on a hair bow.

    Oh no! That is awkward. I have that all the time trying to take photos for my old Etsy shop, and will experience it again when I go outside for the new one D: It's definitely more uncommon to be a rural blogger. I envy the city girls in a way :P

    le fresne x

    1. yes! polka dots have to definitely be in a girls wardrobe :D

      and, right?!!? definetely awkward, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there going through those moments and that can relate!! oo please do send me the link to your etsy store when you open it :D <3

  2. LOVE this outfit on you! So chic! You're beautiful! xx.