Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hearts, wine and a birthday celebration

wine tights-target
heart print dress, ring-Francescas
ankle heel booties- ruche

on October 6th my friends and I headed out to a Peruvian restaurant for my birthday.
It took me an hour (not kidding) to come out with my birthday outfit. you know that moment when you throw rows and rows of items out of your closet and none seem to go together lol. I usually plan my outfits ahead of time but this time with wedding stuff in my mind and not being a constant shopper it was truly hard to come out with something, but finally the outfit came together, and loved it :D

It was wonderful being surrounded by all of my friends on such a special day for me. I have to say I was a little afraid of taking them to a Peruvian restaurant because its not american food, obviously,  but everyone loved it and that was awesome :D

After dinner my friends surprised me with a card and a gift card to H&M, yes, I know! I have mentioned how I'm not shopping because of the wedding coming up and they surprised me with a shopping spree!!! :D!! 

Here is a picture from my birthday with my friends, that are my family and I love them: (some are missing cause they had to leave early and some that couldn't make it, so this picture is not showing all of them)


 the girls

 the boys, imitating the girls haha

my cutie


  1. Very cute dress, I think you made the perfect choice. And happy birthday!

    le fresne x

  2. Happy belated birthday! You look so lovely in this outfit and it's the perfect look to celebrate in. :)

    1. thank you soo much! I just saw your blog!! following now :D

  3. that dress with the hearts is amazing!

  4. oh, this outfit is seriously the best ever. i love everything about it. now to check out your older post..

    lindsey louise