Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hounds tooth and polka dot

hounds-tooth tights-Tillys
mustard scarf-F21
polka dot cardigan-f21
necklace-premier designs
tan pointy toe flats-city classified

YAY is so nice outside I'm so happy I can wear my scarves again, this one is one of my favorites, wool and camel\mustard perfect for multiple combinations.

The print on this tights, Hounds-tooth, reminds me of the early 1960's around Marilyn Monroe's time, even though this print has been around for much longer than that, but I think it goes great with polka dots. Yes, I'm mixing patterns once again ;)

Have a lovely BRRRR day :D and if you are in Florida take advantage of it, we don't get this temperatures too often!

11 day till the big I DO! :D!! freak out!

Monday, October 29, 2012

finally feels like fall in Florida

floral gray tights- UO
black pencil skirt- UO
denim blouse and boots- forever21
cream pullover- HM
gray and brown bag-BC surf and sport-Volcom
necklace-premier designs

Alliteration in that title much? lol 

On Saturday Chris and I went on a wonderful dinner and movie date, thanks to a gift-card from some of our dear friends that gave it to us as a wedding gift, so sweet of them. 

The weather was beautiful and Chris wore my grandpa's scarf. I gave it to him 2 years ago and he takes care of it so much. I Love that he surprised me with it on our date, it was a nice touch.

We went to see Cloud Atlas, it was a really good movie, kind of confusing but really good. I'm 100% sure this movie will win best make up, hands down. so make sure that movie is in your list of movies to see this year.

have a lovely Monday <3.

Chris's and I instagram outfit post

Thursday, October 25, 2012

what a pumpkin

teal jeans-tillys
striped loafers-UO
pumpkin top-pinkice
gray bowler hat-ebay

pumpkin and teal, just perfect for fall :D

Went ribbon shopping with Chris last night and we found exactly what we need for the wedding cake, so that's one thing off my to do list. We also worked on the wedding music list; It was frustrating getting all that done till Chris helped me with it, so that's another big relief.

I get overwhelmed really easy, my brain wants to do everything at once, so I'm glad Chris is there for me in those moments and helps me with all the stuff I have to get done by doing it little by little :)

2 weeks and 1 day till we are married!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday <3

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brown, mint and blazer weather

brown pallet dress-forever21
mint belt-from a skirt from HM
pearls-premier design jewelry worn diffrently here and here
rose gold watch-asos
gray blazer-Tillys

hey hey! its Wednesday! which means 2 more days till the weekend, and 2 more weeks and 2 days till my wedding. 
I'm in such stress mode and can't wait till all the details are out of the way. So maybe you may not get a lot of outfit posts because that means I'll be running around like a bridezilla psycho to get things done, but I'll try my best to post when I can! :) 

On sunday I got to wear a blazer!? what? in Florida!? lol, yup, there's been a nice breeze going on in the morning and at night, so for that I'm soo thankful and happy :D

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the kind comments you are all leaving, it truly makes my day and as always I try my best to follow back and leave lovely comments for you as well, cause you deserve it <3

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

plaid shorts, lace, and a cat busting out his sleek moves

here's Mancha in his urge to always join me for pictures, lol

no Yoga for the camera Mancha, ugh, lol

Plaid shorts: Forever21 
lace blouse-F21

 I included these last 3 pictures that were not going to make the post, because I never ended up wearing the hat out, but thanks to Mancha here are the pictures: (read caption)

         Now, Mancha, look at me, yes, my legs are black    

now, look left

now, look right

hahah and that is all the dance moves my cat can do and yours cant LOL

As I sat there editing the pictures and came to this last ones, I was laughing so hard, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Monday, October 22, 2012

To the Fair we go!

Lipstick, polka dots, ankle boots, romper, blouse in a knot. Let's go to the fair!!!

On Saturday I went on a lovely fun date with my fiance, Chris
I was soo excited!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!

  And this is the reason why!! I love Ferris wheels! Some kids tried to cut us off and they were lucky I didn't go all Spanish crazy on them. No one gets on the way between me and the Ferris wheel, mostly after waiting 30 min to get on this ride.

  This is my attempt of taking a picture from the highest point of the Ferris wheel, can you tell I was shaking? lol, So afraid of heights

Chris did a better job at taking it.


cotton candy!!! we asked for a small bag, now I have left overs for the whole week :D

Funnel cake!!!! funny thing, in Peru we have the same thing but instead of powder sugar we use a type of syrup, we call it Picarones.

  I love how this outfit came out, it was going to be either stripes or polka dots, but I've had this blouse for a year now and decided to give it a wear for the first time, and  it looked cute tied in a knot, so, yes,  polka dots won.
  The romper I'm wearing under the blouse, was my first romper ever a few years ago. It's one of my absolute favorites.

  This is me, overcoming my fear of taking pictures in public :D and that lady in the background was in some deep yawn! lol

  To the person who took this picture for us, big thank you! It was the best out of the bunch, that pretty much summed up our fun, loved filled evening.

polka dot blouse red and navy- Forever21
navy romper- urban outfitters
lace up boots- BC footwear

plaid shirt-quicksilver
navy shorts-target
watch: nixon

Here are pictures from the first time we went to the fair together. This was on our 1 year anniversary, we look so different:

back in the day I use to wear my scarves in my head like this :P