Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food trucks, ice cream trucks and a surf movie premiere



hey hey! im back, you guys, well, we've been back from the trip since Saturday, but i'm back on the blog today :).
Yesterday i went with Chris to watch a surf movie premiere "Dear suburbia" sponsored by Hurley.
We had fun (even tho we didn't win any prizes, boo!!!) but they had food trucks and amazing ice cream and cupcakes trucks, i was dying,

The movie premiere was outside Chris's old store (where he used to work before working at Billabong) called BC surf & sport. It was nice seeing old co-workers of his who were so excited to see us, well correction, to see the ring in my hand :P. 

It was so hot outside (typical Florida) even tho it was overcast, so i had to get a t-shirt from the store to wear for the rest of the night.

Here is the shirt i got, what a better thing, than to find an anchor tee on sale and with 30% off (yes,since i'm with Chris, who gets 30% off everything in that store, i'm consider family, yay! :P):

Here is me, indulging in Dutch Chocolate ice cream, nom nom :P

If you have noticed, my blog name is now called, Petite Poupee. I figure since i don't use the blue curtains as my backgrounds for pictures anymore,  it was time for something different. 

Poupee means doll, in french, in case you were wondering :) i'll eventually change the address name, but for now that one is still the blue curtain.

have a lovely thursday! its almost FRIDAY! :D

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