Monday, July 30, 2012

The shirtdress

Us on our way to create our wedding registry :D! 

shirt dress-tulle4us

wow so many pictures. taking pictures outside is so much better, considering the light is awesome in all the pictures, you just want to post all of them.
Chris and I went to do our wedding registry at bed bath and beyond, let me tell you it was so much fun and not stressful at all, considering it took 5 hours to get it all done. one thing for sure is that if had to do it again i would def pick more comfortable shoes.

i love love this shirtdress, ive worn it once before, but it never made it to the blog. i also love Chris's shirt, that i seriously want a girl version of it, such a cool pocket detail.

anyways, happy monday to all! :D

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Add length to short dresses without sewing.


dress and cardigan-f21
navy skirt under-UO

yay finally pictures outside. i always find it hard to take pictures outside 'cause by the time Chris comes and picks me up and we have to go somewhere, there's no time, so its convenient to take the pictures really late at night, but of course there's no light left outside, leaving me with my blue curtain background; but Chris, as the sweetheart that he is, bought me a tripod and i'm beyond excited, because this means ill be posting outside pictures from now on (insert happy singing and dancing) 

so about this outfit I have to say that i love the combination of stripes with the plaid, yay for pattern play :)
the downside to this particular dress is that is really short without wearing tights, but its too hot to wear tights in Florida in summer, obviously, so i was going to wear the dress as a top but before tucking the shirt into the skirt i noticed i liked how the blue skirt added a comfortable length to the dress :D you have a skirt or dress too short? add a skirt under and your problem is solved ;)

Friday, July 27, 2012

whitey white shorts

sweater vest, i truly don't remenber, its been way too long

love love this shorts and haven't worn them till now. Im wanting to get high waist skinny white pants, but buying is being held off by wedding budget as many of you already know, so if someone wants to buy me them my birthday is in october (hint hint) :D

Chris and i visited friends that are here in town for a week. It was great seeing them and getting to hang with them.  :)

ps: if i havent mentioned it in previous posts, i really dont know how it slipped my mind, but in 3 months Chris and I will be getting married. cannot express how exciting it is. November 10 is our wedding date! im in a total freak out mode :D!!!!!

happy friday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A horse day.

cardigan to top: Ruche

well, no, i did not go riding horses, nor did i go see a horse race, but the cardigan/top sure has to do with the title, so it was fitting.
went to Starbucks to meet with our wedding planner, so excited of how everything is coming together so far :D
...also it was bulk trash day in my neighborhood and on our way to go meet the wedding planner, Chris and i spotted a coffee table and a side table for our future home in great shape, so yay for free stuff! :D

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tutu skirt

blouse and belt-f21
bracelet-some surfshop

i love this skirt, the color is a charcoal purple that goes well with almost everything, cant wait to pair it with mint.
what i dont love, is when you plan an outfit you really like and then end up having to change it cause florida decides to turn up to maximum heat (like it never does that).. i would show you what i was going to wear with this skirt, but that could ruin an awesome post of me wearing that outfit in the future ;) so you'll have to wait. :D
anyways this outfit came out cute too, i think.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

mustard and mint

flats-charlotte russe

mustard, navy and mint.. who knew they look so well together. me likey.
i would never particularly wear baggy tops over baggy bottoms because they make me shapeless, but because this sweater was off the shoulder it somehow made a difference and i liked how everything was shapeless all around but somehow fitted... am i even making sense? oh well.. go and try mint and mustard they are so pretty together, the end. ;)