Saturday, June 16, 2012

yellow and mustard

shorts and bracelet-F21
cardigan(worn backwards)- agaci

hello once again, i'm back! didn't have time to take pictures nor post soo this is what i wore on tuesday to watch the heat game at a friend's house. 

im such a flat shoes girl.. when i put this outfit on i said: "oh i want to wear teal shoes with this", so the first thing that came to my mind were my teal sandals i have, but as soon as i put them on i didn't like it.. then i thought maybe the color combo is the problem?... but when i paired it with the teal flats, the outfit became me. So here i'm wearing my teal flats :D

this shorts can be hard to match with stuff.. but im sure ill find more options than attempting to wear it with a white top... hmm maybe gray, or burgundy next time? :)


  1. pretty!

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  2. Great outfit, like the shorts :)

    Ina :*