Thursday, May 31, 2012

combining things you wouldn't have put together

flower headband-etsy
blazer, dress and flats-F21

this blazer is like doing a massive comeback to my outfits lately, but only when it rains... didn't think the blazer would go with the outfit, actually let me rephrase, i wouldn't have thought of wearing this blazer with this outfit at all, but was the first thing i grabbed going out the door when it was raining tuesday. 
As i threw it on i noticed it actually went very well with the outfit.
The way i sometimes combine things is in the mess when a shirt all of a sudden falls on top of another garment by mistake and notice those pieces go together or when I grab stuff to complete an outfit on a hurry..

this are my "its raining" flats, i really try to work around them when it rains.. the material is similar to that of a rain boot... which reminds me i want a pair of coral boots so bad :P

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