Monday, May 7, 2012

5 de mayo!

navy cardigan (worn backwards)- target
pinstriped shorts-dear creatures
red bow-AA

FIESTA!!! and you are not colorblind.. i wore navy red and white on 5 de was not intentional... i guess i could've worn a more fiesta outfit but when i was getting ready my mind wasn't even thinking of guacamole.. just something i would like to wear... and heres how i ended wearing this particular colors..

wearing my cardigan backwards another Pinterest inspiration... even tho you probably noticed i had worn a blouse backwards on a previous post.. i guess i wasn't the only one who thought of it too :D

I went to Lime with my fiance and it was lots of fun.. the restaurant had closed the street, serving food on outside tables, there was music and dancing... we totally felt like we had traveled to a tropical island (not exactly Mexico, but it was like we had traveled somewhere different and that was fun) 

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