Thursday, May 31, 2012

combining things you wouldn't have put together

flower headband-etsy
blazer, dress and flats-F21

this blazer is like doing a massive comeback to my outfits lately, but only when it rains... didn't think the blazer would go with the outfit, actually let me rephrase, i wouldn't have thought of wearing this blazer with this outfit at all, but was the first thing i grabbed going out the door when it was raining tuesday. 
As i threw it on i noticed it actually went very well with the outfit.
The way i sometimes combine things is in the mess when a shirt all of a sudden falls on top of another garment by mistake and notice those pieces go together or when I grab stuff to complete an outfit on a hurry..

this are my "its raining" flats, i really try to work around them when it rains.. the material is similar to that of a rain boot... which reminds me i want a pair of coral boots so bad :P

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

orange and green

top- HM
shorts-Delias (years ago)

Went to brunch to ihop, for my friends birthday, on memorial day.. i have to go there more often i wanted try so many things on the menu but i had a very tiny stomach to accomplished such task. I'll get you next time t-bone steak and eggs! yum :P

Monday, May 28, 2012


penny-farthing necklace- Nectar
pants- I dont remember

what a long relaxing weekend.. for the first time its felt like memorial weekend... beach birthday for a friend, Jaxon's ice cream, breakfast-brunch with le friends, watching the notebook.

tomorrow is back to the grind... boo!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

periwinkle and stripes

pants and sweater blazer-F21

wore this to hang out with my friends and make a homemade cooked meal by us girls while the guys sat in the living room to hang out lol... then us girls painted our nails while the guys watched the Heat game. 

i wore the blazer when i came out of my house thinking it was going to rain... but it never rained and as soon as i stepped out of my house the Floridian heat made me take the blazer off in less than a min.. with that said, yes summer is finally fully here in Florida and I'm melting!!! ah!!! 7 months till Christmas and a lil cool weather... yes im always counting down to Christmas :P

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pink, mint, yellow

lace top-F21
heel oxfords-bakers

got this dress from Asos which is a hard site to order from when it comes to sizes because its a european site.. so sizes can be very misleading... this dress ended up being a lil big on the shoulders till today when i tried it on after i put it in the dryer yesterday (which the care tag said not to do) and it shrunk to my fit size.. so i'm very pleased with the dryer's outcome :)

bright coral

coral sweater-heritage
mint necklace-etsy

yay outfit posting again  after a stomach bug, i caught, is now gone and after a crazy weekend going out to see wedding dresses on saturday that ended up on finding and buying the dress :D. woo!! im going to get married!! 

...wore this on mothers day :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

a skirt i almost got rid of...

pearl necklace-Thrifted
mint necklace-Etsy

This is a skirt i almost got rid of... well now I'm glad i didn't.. i got this one about 2 or so years ago from American apparel and now i'm finally starting to wear it.. :)
i used to get rid of stuff so much before... but you have no idea how much stuff i wish i hadn't gotten rid off that i could've reused combining it into different styles. now before i get rid of something i make sure i know for sure i won't want to reuse it again ever again :P 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blue and green

shirt-Old navy

Didn't do much on wednesday except relax and watch my favorite tv show (season finale) New girl.. and have Starbucks of course, have you tried their new mocha frap? go get it! why are you still reading this? ;)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dress to skirt

dress and belt-f21
gold bracelet-charming charlie

what a creative way to turn maxi dresses into skirt by adding a top :)
i wanted a mint skirt for a long time, not knowing that the maxi mint dress i have could make a skirt without having to cut it or sew it...
wore this to church on sunday.
I finally joined the praise band at Crossway, the church i have been recently going to.. and i'm really excited. :)
today i will be meeting with my old bandmates and we will play music.. not really practicing for anything.. but we have decided to keep meeting, playing, writing and keep developing musicly < (is that even a word? cause i have def heard it before but the computer keeps underlining red ) anyways you know what i mean.

Monday, May 7, 2012

5 de mayo!

navy cardigan (worn backwards)- target
pinstriped shorts-dear creatures
red bow-AA

FIESTA!!! and you are not colorblind.. i wore navy red and white on 5 de was not intentional... i guess i could've worn a more fiesta outfit but when i was getting ready my mind wasn't even thinking of guacamole.. just something i would like to wear... and heres how i ended wearing this particular colors..

wearing my cardigan backwards another Pinterest inspiration... even tho you probably noticed i had worn a blouse backwards on a previous post.. i guess i wasn't the only one who thought of it too :D

I went to Lime with my fiance and it was lots of fun.. the restaurant had closed the street, serving food on outside tables, there was music and dancing... we totally felt like we had traveled to a tropical island (not exactly Mexico, but it was like we had traveled somewhere different and that was fun)