Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TuTu tulle

leaf bangle and tunic dress worn as blouse-hm

yes, you will probably be seeing this vintage suitcase in almost every outfit post! lol well maybe not all.. but my sweetie just got it for me and how could i not show it? :)

as many as you know i went to h&m on saturday. I had been looking for a leaf bangle bracelet and i finally found one for like 7 dollars there.. i was so excited!
i wore this to friends's birthday dinners on Sunday.

now let me tell you an embarrassing story... the top i'm wearing on this outfit is really a tunic dress.. i picked this one from h&m and i was planning on wearing it without the tulle skirt.. i was trying it on at h&m i thought it was a little sheer in the front.. but i came out of the dressing room and showed Chris (just the front of the dress) and he said he thought it wasn't that sheer at all... went back inside the dressing room to try other stuff after my back had faced a hallway of people entering and leaving dressing rooms...

...the next day i decided to put it on for my friend's birthday dinner and wear it as is.. as i turned around in front of my mirror i noticed the whole back is way different than the front.. i mean is sheer, let me rephrase, is SHEER! with a capital S lol!

now i just hope no one in that hallway saw!

 and that is all for my embarrassing story... next time i'm checking the mirror twice before coming out of a dressing room to show what i'm trying on... note to self!

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