Saturday, April 21, 2012

Horses, pop of color and wedding planning

cardigan turned into a top-Ruche

yay im engaged now what! wedding planning ahhh!!!!!....

I'm the kind of person that gets overwhelmed easily because every idea i have i want to do it all at the same time.... maybe i should've been cloned to do multiple tasks...

..but lets trail back on into the subject of planning.. i have to say that i have the most wonderful boy ever. 
a while back we talked about weddings and planning process (of course since we had been to a lot of weddings that year we had to talk about what could come for us in the future) and i was terrified at the idea of him wanting to participate on wedding planning, that including the color choices.. he always said "well, it'll be my wedding too i want to take part on it"
see, for me,  i always thought it was the girl's job to do that and for the guy to sit back relax and say "yeah, that sounds great hon.. whatever you say goes"
but now that we are finally on the process of tossing the real ideas and working on the planning, i am SO thankful to have him by my side.. all 4 years of dating I've almost made my decisions with him that i couldn't imagine not making decisions without him on our big day... needless to say i'm a lucky gal.

wore this outfit when we went together to Barnes & noble to look at wedding planning books and magazines while having coffee :) 

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