Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Engagement!! :D

like promised, here are some pictures!!

My sweet boyfriend planned the most amazing proposal ever!

Chris and one of my best friends, Adrian (who is taking a photography class) fooled me.

On April 14, my boyfriend had my friend Adrian tell me that he needed a couple for a photo-shoot, that was called "love is blind". he wanted to make it a vintage like shoot, he would have us in some shots with the blindfolds on and some shots without the blindfolds... well i totally fell for it..

After a long day and my sweet boyfriend taking me to breakfast to the beach (where we had our first date) and also taking me to H&M to shop, we then headed out to the park (where we had also celebrated there our one year anniversary a while back) to meet with Adrian to do the shoot "needed for a class project"

also what i didn't know till way after was that Chris got me that vintage suitcase and the beautiful bouquet i was holding in my hands the whole entire time :)

at one point where we were blindfolded my friend, who was directing the whole shoot for 45 min asked me to turn around and take the blindfold off (i was totally clueless) Chris was there on one knee with a beautiful ring!

after 4 years he got on one knee and i said Yes!!!! :D!!!! I'm the happiest gal ever!!!


  1. Lovely scene and pictures! I love picnics!Congratulations and God's blessings on you both!

  2. Aw!! SO sweet! And the fact that you have photos of it makes it even more special! Congrats hun! That;s one of the cutest engagement stories I've ever heard!