Monday, April 30, 2012

the hills are alive...

vest-heritage-years ago
polka dot blouse-F21

... with the sound of music....
the song has been stuck in my head for the past 2 days.. went to my lil brother's play "the sound of music"... i have to say that the girl that  play maria was AMAZING! tons of fun to see the play..

Friday, April 27, 2012

Orange and pink

shoes, belt and bracelets-F21
cream sash- shabby apple

YAY Is friday once again!!!! :D!!!!!
and here i am wearing colors never thought i would. never been a fan of pink (but im wearing pink shoes, well more like fuchsia, but close) never a fan of orange (but here i am accessorizing with it) i couldn't help it, i may just be joining my adventurous side and risk color combinations (definitely out of my comfort zone) but i must say its fun! 
.. I've been pinning on Pinterest like crazy i think my friends are about to unfollow me.. lol
i find so much inspiration i just have to pin for future outfits, so expect more color blocking. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

mint, blue and bone yellow

skirt- Banana republic
heel oxfords- bakers
clutch-charming charlie
pocket watch necklace- modcloth

sunday! went to church and then to the antique mall with some of my girls.. 
they indeed found some awesome gems for their homes.. i kept just admiring all the jewelry that i knew i couldn't buy lol, i have to save for my wedding, so shopping wont be a constant thing.. which is a good thing, i think. Also it will be a way to show more of my creativity through what i already own :) it should be fun.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Horses, pop of color and wedding planning

cardigan turned into a top-Ruche

yay im engaged now what! wedding planning ahhh!!!!!....

I'm the kind of person that gets overwhelmed easily because every idea i have i want to do it all at the same time.... maybe i should've been cloned to do multiple tasks...

..but lets trail back on into the subject of planning.. i have to say that i have the most wonderful boy ever. 
a while back we talked about weddings and planning process (of course since we had been to a lot of weddings that year we had to talk about what could come for us in the future) and i was terrified at the idea of him wanting to participate on wedding planning, that including the color choices.. he always said "well, it'll be my wedding too i want to take part on it"
see, for me,  i always thought it was the girl's job to do that and for the guy to sit back relax and say "yeah, that sounds great hon.. whatever you say goes"
but now that we are finally on the process of tossing the real ideas and working on the planning, i am SO thankful to have him by my side.. all 4 years of dating I've almost made my decisions with him that i couldn't imagine not making decisions without him on our big day... needless to say i'm a lucky gal.

wore this outfit when we went together to Barnes & noble to look at wedding planning books and magazines while having coffee :) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Teal, orange and fuchsia

orange cluth-asos
sandals-BC footwear

This was a night out with my sweetie, first time out as an engaged couple :)
We went to grab food at chipotle (the one place he used to dislike and now he seems to be craving it more lately) and then we went back to his house to watch Iron lady :) 
very relaxing night after a crazy awesome busy weekend, i can't see myself spending my life with someone else better than him! he really is the man of my dreams. :) 

btw check the video my friend Adrian put together of Chris's and I, when i was taken by surprise as my sweet love got one knee and ask me to marry him :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TuTu tulle

leaf bangle and tunic dress worn as blouse-hm

yes, you will probably be seeing this vintage suitcase in almost every outfit post! lol well maybe not all.. but my sweetie just got it for me and how could i not show it? :)

as many as you know i went to h&m on saturday. I had been looking for a leaf bangle bracelet and i finally found one for like 7 dollars there.. i was so excited!
i wore this to friends's birthday dinners on Sunday.

now let me tell you an embarrassing story... the top i'm wearing on this outfit is really a tunic dress.. i picked this one from h&m and i was planning on wearing it without the tulle skirt.. i was trying it on at h&m i thought it was a little sheer in the front.. but i came out of the dressing room and showed Chris (just the front of the dress) and he said he thought it wasn't that sheer at all... went back inside the dressing room to try other stuff after my back had faced a hallway of people entering and leaving dressing rooms...

...the next day i decided to put it on for my friend's birthday dinner and wear it as is.. as i turned around in front of my mirror i noticed the whole back is way different than the front.. i mean is sheer, let me rephrase, is SHEER! with a capital S lol!

now i just hope no one in that hallway saw!

 and that is all for my embarrassing story... next time i'm checking the mirror twice before coming out of a dressing room to show what i'm trying on... note to self!

now an outfit post!

pants-cant remember
belt and bow-F21
navy and cream blouse-HM

sunday with my ring in hand :) went to church and then headed out to 3 friends's birthday dinner at night. outfit for that following right after.

Engagement!! :D

like promised, here are some pictures!!

My sweet boyfriend planned the most amazing proposal ever!

Chris and one of my best friends, Adrian (who is taking a photography class) fooled me.

On April 14, my boyfriend had my friend Adrian tell me that he needed a couple for a photo-shoot, that was called "love is blind". he wanted to make it a vintage like shoot, he would have us in some shots with the blindfolds on and some shots without the blindfolds... well i totally fell for it..

After a long day and my sweet boyfriend taking me to breakfast to the beach (where we had our first date) and also taking me to H&M to shop, we then headed out to the park (where we had also celebrated there our one year anniversary a while back) to meet with Adrian to do the shoot "needed for a class project"

also what i didn't know till way after was that Chris got me that vintage suitcase and the beautiful bouquet i was holding in my hands the whole entire time :)

at one point where we were blindfolded my friend, who was directing the whole shoot for 45 min asked me to turn around and take the blindfold off (i was totally clueless) Chris was there on one knee with a beautiful ring!

after 4 years he got on one knee and i said Yes!!!! :D!!!! I'm the happiest gal ever!!!