Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rose, camel & stripes

i normally don't like to buy things that i've seen my friends wear... even if they are different brands stores.. just the fact that is the same idea...

i found this shorts on sale on a random site a blogger mentioned, called "dear creatures" 

i had been looking for a cute pair of striped shorts ever since i saw my other fashionista friend Alyssa wear them. tho i had been on forever21 stores (where she got it) and seen them there i knew i couldn't and shouldn't get them... so i didn't

well this shorts that were on sale on a different site got me and tho i tried to look for different colors of striped shorts i still went for this on a failed attempt to find a different kind, and i must say i loooove them!!!

i'll just try not to wear them around her in case she decides to wear them that day and we end up like twins lol (tho that has happened many times before!)

My sister always told me that a manufacturer doesn't do one of a kind, they produce multiple items of the same so its ok if you like something you've seen your friend wear and you like it so you get it too... 

well, i dunno, i always felt weird if i did.

what are on your thoughts on buying similar pieces of clothing you've seen your friends wear? is it ok? im starting to think it doesn't matter,,, if you like it why not? 


  1. Those shorts are great! Fortunately, none of my friends share my taste in clothing, so we will never end up wearing the same thing. However, if we did have similar styles, I would still buy and wear what ever I like. Odds are you will style it differently.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. these are adorable shorts. i'm really into shorts this season! i agree with rebecca- the styling options are endless- and chances are you will have styled differently too. i'm also like rebecca in that none of my friends have similar taste in clothes! another fellow modsquadder here!!