Monday, March 12, 2012

Red polka

yes, as you can tell i love polka dots, I found this blouse a while back and was finally happy to wear it.
normally i would tuck in any shirt on high waisted bottoms.. but sometimes wearing it on top of high waisted stuff is cute too! just add a belt to the waist to define it and you are ready to go!

this ballerina skirt is an oldie and as a ballerina skirt it puffs out a lot, so i wore it inside out to avoid too much fullness this one time; and since the shirt was worn 'not tucked in' it covered the care label of the skirt.. yay for fun creative tricks!

went to a friends house to celebrate 3 friends's birthday! that's right 3!! as crazy as that sounds, no, their birthdays are not on the same day, but within one week or so form each other in the month of March, so it was given to make it a fun night to hang out with friends and celebrate their birthdays, we are getting old! :)

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