Thursday, March 29, 2012

Color block and bowling

cropped top-F21

hi there, no i haven't stopped posting, i just haven't had time to post anything. No time to the point that my room was a mess!!! lol
but my room is finally quiet presentable. :)
went bowling last night and this is what i wore. i like the colors of the top with the tanish yellow shorts.
ill be posting soon outfits i wore previous to this one, so just wait for them. 
btw did you see the hunger games? it was awesome!!! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rose, camel & stripes

i normally don't like to buy things that i've seen my friends wear... even if they are different brands stores.. just the fact that is the same idea...

i found this shorts on sale on a random site a blogger mentioned, called "dear creatures" 

i had been looking for a cute pair of striped shorts ever since i saw my other fashionista friend Alyssa wear them. tho i had been on forever21 stores (where she got it) and seen them there i knew i couldn't and shouldn't get them... so i didn't

well this shorts that were on sale on a different site got me and tho i tried to look for different colors of striped shorts i still went for this on a failed attempt to find a different kind, and i must say i loooove them!!!

i'll just try not to wear them around her in case she decides to wear them that day and we end up like twins lol (tho that has happened many times before!)

My sister always told me that a manufacturer doesn't do one of a kind, they produce multiple items of the same so its ok if you like something you've seen your friend wear and you like it so you get it too... 

well, i dunno, i always felt weird if i did.

what are on your thoughts on buying similar pieces of clothing you've seen your friends wear? is it ok? im starting to think it doesn't matter,,, if you like it why not? 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dali Miami

this is a dress i got from Modcloth.. it was a 'surprise dress' since they had this thing called along the lines of: 'get something vintage worth from 30 to 100 dollars for 15 dollars; a dress a blouse or coat" so here, this is what i got! and was very pleased with it :)

after Church went to Miami where they had an Art showing of Dali's work. Here are some pictures of the ones i liked :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Red polka

yes, as you can tell i love polka dots, I found this blouse a while back and was finally happy to wear it.
normally i would tuck in any shirt on high waisted bottoms.. but sometimes wearing it on top of high waisted stuff is cute too! just add a belt to the waist to define it and you are ready to go!

this ballerina skirt is an oldie and as a ballerina skirt it puffs out a lot, so i wore it inside out to avoid too much fullness this one time; and since the shirt was worn 'not tucked in' it covered the care label of the skirt.. yay for fun creative tricks!

went to a friends house to celebrate 3 friends's birthday! that's right 3!! as crazy as that sounds, no, their birthdays are not on the same day, but within one week or so form each other in the month of March, so it was given to make it a fun night to hang out with friends and celebrate their birthdays, we are getting old! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

off to tarp surfing

so the rain almost ruined our plans to go tarp surfing.. but it held up for the 2 hours we were there.

no worries this jeans already had a torn knee prior to skating :P

this was my "let's go skate outfit" i like how the combination of the sweater with the shirt came out. 
now i must say im not a pro at skating. 

on Chris's and I first not planned kind of date, after the movies he grabbed his skateboard (after i had bragged how i used to know how to skate a little) he said he would teach me... stubborn i decided to tell him i knew how to and that i will show him.. well, that resulted on me falling on my bum (no injuries but yay for impression fail)!

as much as i would like to say this person getting barreled it's me, it actually isn't. but this girl, aside from Chris, was pretty good. i did get barreled but with chris running along with the skateboard in case i would fall, he is that sweet! :) 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Navy and mint


What a nice cool weather this past sunday.. 
it started warm and windy, went to church and as soon as we all stepped out the temperatures had dropped... 
indeed its wonderful getting some cool temperatures in Florida for once, tho wish it was a longer than a day, and not so crazy where you are wearing a summer outfit and the cold takes you by surprise without a sweater!.. 
well i guess Florida is known for being unpredictable :P

Friday, March 2, 2012

back to sunday

i believe its been almost a week since i last posted..
i wasn't really sure if i wanted to upload this outfit.. since is just alright...
but here it is...
I was happy to get my bangs back.. even tho they weren't done correctly this time... i guess ill just grow my hair out again and then go to a different place to get it cut... anyways...

Happy friday!