Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Valentine

My sweet valentine :D

belt and necklace-F21
rose tights-modcloth

Even tho i would usually want to get a new dress for every ocassion, i have realized i cannot do that every time and is just a waste! all you have to do is pull old stuff and rearrange accessories and poof you have a new fun outfit.

my sweetie and i went to Lincoln Rd in Miami once again (if you've read previous posts is where we went for our 4 year anniversary) this time we went to a different restaurant called "sushi samba" a Peruvian, Japanese, Brazilian place.. exactly, how crazy is that? 

right after we headed on a 5 minute walk to the movie theatre to see "the vow" (the popular valentines movie of the year lol) almost all my friends and every other blog i follow, have mentioned they have done the same date, you know who you are ;)

i do have to say i expected the movie to be better plot wise....
it was a really unique cool concept but the car accident part wasn't really a shock since it happened right at the beginning when you didn't have that much of a background about the characters.. 
over all it was just a good movie.. ;)

i had such a lovely night with my cutie, he is such a blessing!!!!

hope you had a lovely valentines :)

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