Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lace & trim

cardigan and flower clip-F21
shorts and tights-UO

If you read the previous post, you know i was going to get the Nike shoes to help my back somewhere in the future.. well not anymore! my sweetie surprise me with them yesterday! i'm so thankful :) he is soo sweet!

So i have this new thing to create outfits together. Maybe if you are like me sometimes and dont remember things you have or run out of time to put outfits together the way you would like to, here's an idea i came out with:
whatever comes to my head either drawn from inspiration somewhere or a new combination of colors  or pieces or whatever comes to my mind during the day, i jot it down on my iphone notes by describing the items of clothing that would go together... then I make sure it goes together by trying it on (when i have free time) and i put a smiley face next to the outfit combination ive tried and know it works... 
all this i keep in my iphone notes (numbered) so whenever i have to think of an outfit to wear for going out or a certain event instead of standing in front of my closet without a clue and making a huge mess, i just look at my notes and get ready.. definitely practical and less time consuming :) 

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