Wednesday, December 28, 2011


when you take a picture of your outfit the following day, you forget minor details.. well at least i do.
this is how i had my hair the day i wore the outfit.... on the following pictures i forgot to wear the bow :P and my bangs down as well.. i have to get them trimmed soon, they are getting pretty long...straight bangs again? i think so.

so this is what i wore on christmas day.. 
it was a really warm Florida Christmas but i had already decided and was determined i would wear this sweater dress.. so thank you A/C :P
i love the print on this dress, it reminds me of pocahontas.. hence the title :)
...btw hello new followers! :D
hope you had a wonderful Christmas

sweater dress- Francescas

...learning to play this song and hopefully record and share sometime.. enjoy!

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