Friday, July 22, 2011

A lovely birthday dinner

nope, this is not a dress! a lot of people think most of my outfits are dresses when i wear a skirt and a top!
i wore this to my friend Alyssa's birthday dinner at cheesecake factory 

 this is my lovely date to the party, he is a cutie, my cutie!! and he has recently shaved his mustache!
so on the next post dont you think im with a different date! lol
so hard to believe we will be 4 years together soon :) 

this is Alyssa! and yes we are matching!!! lol!! we both have a similar taste in clothing, so sometimes we end up wearing similar stuff!! its fun tho because we inspire each other on our outfits ideas!! 
we are both such shopaholics!! hehe

 the lovely gals

and the stinky boys! :)

skirt: tulip print
top:cream lace tube top
heels:oxford heels bone color-bakers
hair: peach flower clip -F21
belt: gray-F21

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